Bill Liao
- Write up your brand values and turn
them into a crisp story

- Tell that story all over, stop people
in the street, blog, tweet and watch
reactions, use them, make it better

- Each time you tell it, say more with
less words. Iterating your story is

- Eventually you will concentrate the
story into fewer words / sound bites
that convey the full value in an
emotionally satisfying, crisp way

- When you have it crisp check that it
is still simple, credible and concrete.
Is there a surprise/"aha!" moment?

Does it still start with an interesting first word? The first word of is Riveting!
"Saturday morning programming club" would not
have worked as well as "CoderDojo"
Crisp + Traction = Investible
Don't be boring bozos!
-click here to sample what boring bozos do-
Taken from actual rubbish pitches.
Funny is good too! See for hints on how to add witty humor.
Test your pitch now, list it on our and see how others rate it!
Why do any pitches start with boring words?
Your very first word must be interesting.

You have 3 seconds to grab their attention, what is your very first word?

"Umm", "we", "I", "err", "hello" and your name or the company and product names = boring.

"spontaneity", "cataclysm", "serendipity", "magic" & "spice" = interesting.

The best brands OWN an emotive word like "magic".

The best stories temporarily cause the
listener to suspend their disbelief once they are listening to you because you are being interesting.
People are also interested in your struggle which is what YOU did in order to solve the customers crisis.

What'd you figure out / work on / overcome? How long did it take?

What makes your product / service the best? What are trial customers saying?

What is the surprising truth behind your solution and how hard was it to figure out?

If you rush in and tell customers you have all the answers without telling them your struggle you have zero credibility!
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